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Hey Navlings!

All thanks to your continuous feedback and support, BrandNav is now better than ever! 🎉

Here is everything you need to know about what’s new on BrandNav this week!

#1 Over 1200x faster exports

BrandNav now exports your lists over 1200X faster than before! With this update, we are putting an end to waiting. No matter how big your list is, BrandNav will produce an export within seconds!

#2 Bug Fixes

Over the week, our team has identified and fixed multiple bugs that were reported by our users. Here are the highlights of the bugs that were fixed.

🪲 Emails ending up in spam

A lot of users reported that the emails from BrandNav were ending up in spam. This was primarily due to a bad IP address that was assigned to our email server.

🪲 Excluded exports not working

Users who exported lists by checking the “Select all previous exports except the following” option, reported that previous stores in their exports were not being excluded from their list. This issue has now been resolved.

🪲 Email links not working

A lot of users reported that email links, such as “verify email”, or “download exports” were not opening in their browsers. This issue has now been resolved after the update.

We would like to thank everyone who reported these bugs to BrandNav support and helped us identify the nature of the bugs with videos and screenshots.

With your support, BrandNav has become one of the fastest-growing tools on AppSumo and is on its way to being one of the most successful LTDs on AppSumo.

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If you encounter any bugs or issues, make sure to reach out to us via the live chat support on or write to us at [email protected].

Happy outreaching! 🎉

The BrandNav Team