Getting Started with BrandNav 🚩

✨ Create your Free BrandNav Account 

Creating an account on BrandNav is absolutely Free! To create a new account, follow the following steps 👇

And you are done! 🎉

You have successfully created and verified your email account. You can now log in to BrandNav & you will be able to access all of its features.

Note 👉 Every new BrandNav account by default is credited with 100 free exportable rows and 20 free searches.

🔍 Building your perfect Leads List with BrandNav Screener

BrandNav Screener grants you access to over 14.5 million Ecommerce Stores globally, with around 30 filters for you to perfectly fine-tune the exact prospects that fit your needs.

To use BrandNav Screener, go to

Screenshot of BrandNav Screener
The BrandNav Screener Dashboard

🎯 Finding the right filters

By default, 4 filters are selected. These filters are 👇

  1. Country Code
  2. Estimated Monthly Sales
  3. Language
  4. Industry

In order to add more filters for your search, click on the "Add Filter +" button below.

This will open a pop-up where you can choose any filter you wish to add to your search.

Add Filter on BrandNav
Add Filter pop-up on BrandNav Screener

Once you have selected the filters you want to use, click on "Done" to return back to your screener screen.

Next, adjust the values on the filters you have selected and now it's finally time to make a search.

🎯 Making a search on BrandNav

Once you have your filters selected & have adjusted the values on the filters, in order to make a search, click on the "Search" button at the bottom to start making a search.

BrandNav will then proceed to scan through millions of entries in its database and find the ones that exactly match the limits you set via filters.

Once the processing is done, the results will be displayed in the list on the right.

By default in the Free Plan, you can only look at the top 50 entries that match your search.

You can opt for a paid plan to increase this number to 500. Click here to check out the different paid plans BrandNav has to offer.

PlanResults displayed
Warning icon
Make sure you have enough 'Search Quota' to make a search
Depending on the plan, the number of searches you can make will be different. E.g. ➡️ On the Free Plan, you can make 20 searches in the entire lifetime of your account, while in the Pro Plan, you can make up to 100 searches every single day!

You can check out the number of searches you can make on the billing page.

In order to increase the number of searches on your account, you can upgrade to a paid plan. The following are the number of searches you get for each plan 👇

PlanNumber of Searches
Free20 searches (lifetime)
Beginner20 searches per day
Pro100 searches per day
Legend1,000 searches per day
Enterprise5,000 searches per day

You can also check out other benefits for each plan on the pricing page.

By default, BrandNav limits the number of searches you can make on the platform to prevent malpractices like scraping and make BrandNav fair for all.

🎯 Exporting a list on BrandNav

Once you are satisfied with your search results, you can now export a list from BrandNav, to gain access to all the search results from your search.

In order to export your search, click on the "Export" button in the top right corner. This will display an export pop-up on the screen.

Screenshot of the Export Pop-up
Export Pop-up Page 1

In the export popup, you can now select the number of entries/rows you want to export.

Depending on your plan, you will be allowed to make a limited number of exports on your account.

PlanNumber of Exports
Free100 exports (lifetime)
Beginner2,000 exports per month
Pro15,000 exports per month
Legend70,000 exports per month
Enterprise150,000 exports per month

To know more, check out the pricing plans here.

You can also choose the columns you want to export along with your search results. By default BrandNav allows you to export 43 additional columns along with your domains list.

You can choose any of the columns you want to have in your exported list. (BrandNav will not charge you extra for the additional info provided).

Note 👉 The additional info will, however, increase your file size and depending on the number of exports selected, may yield CSV files that are over 100 MB in size.

Once you have selected the number of exports you want to make and the columns you want to export, click on "Continue" to move to the next stage.

Screenshot of the Export Pop-up Page 2
Export Pop-up Page 2

On the next page, you can give your search a name in order to be able to exclude results from the export later, and also on the same page exclude stores that you have already exported from previous exports.

Once that is done, you can click on "Export File", to start the export process!

The exported file will now be sent to your registered email address.