How to use AI Keyword Search ?

28 November 2022 | by Rituraj Phukan, Bishal Bhatt

The AI Keyword Search is a new addition to BrandNav, that introduces the ability to search for your favorite stores by using keywords.

Here is a detailed blog on how you can best use AI Keyword search and how you can extract the best value out of it. 👇

1. Find stores selling specific products. 

In order to find stores selling specific products, enter the entire medium / long tail product keyword. Don’t forget to add synonyms.

Example: If you’re looking for stores selling coffee machines, instead of using “coffee” enter the product keywords “coffee machines”.

Because if you enter only “coffee”, your search result will be broader and include stores selling products like "coffee beans", "coffee colored hats", "coffee coasters" and so on. 

In the same way, if you’re looking for stores selling “coffee beans” - enter “coffee beans” instead of “coffee” for the best results.

2. Find stores in specific industries.

In order to find stores in specific industries, enter the industry as well as product keywords. Don’t forget to add synonyms.

Example: If you’re looking for stores selling "women footwear", enter all the synonyms of "women footwear" including sub-products like “boot”, “sandal”, “mules”, “heels”, “scarpin” etc.

Note: AI Keyword Search is smart even in its Beta state and will automatically show results of websites that let's say mention "shoes" instead of "shoe". You will get the same results regardless of whether you enter "shoe" or "shoes".

A google search can help you dig deeper to find names of some major sub-products of the respective niche.

P.S. - We expect this feature to be improved further in the future, giving you access to a lot more stores than what is indexed currently as well as the ability to recommend you synonyms directly on BrandNav, saving you a lot of time and headache.

Should you avoid using both “Industry” and “AI Keyword Search” filters simultaneously?

This is a very common question we are expecting from Navlings. So let me quickly highlight some differences, as well as suggestions on when to best use "AI Keyword Search"  filter and when to best use the "Industry" filter.

When to use the Industry Filter

The industry filter is meant to be used when the time to build your list is more important than the accuracy of the lists.

Our goal with the industry filter is to make it easy for even a beginner to quickly find their ideal stores. But with simplicity comes a sacrifice of accuracy.

To fit all stores in a small set of selectable and well-distinct industries, we opt for an algorithmic approach where these stores are classified in these pre-assigned industries. But this leads to a decrease in the level of accuracy since not all stores fit perfectly in the listed industries.

Hence we end up with an accuracy of around 90% on the industry filter.

This is good for most use cases and if you don't want to be dabbling with manually finding each and every keyword that your industry of choice might be using - this is an awesome way to find your prospects quickly!

When to use the AI Keyword Search Filter

The AI Keyword Search in BrandNav gives you more manual control over what you want.

This leads to a very wide range of possible variations / outcomes, more manual work required but very very accurate results.

If let's say you are to enter "shoe", BrandNav's AI Keyword Search will find all stores that it has indexed that have in one way or another used the word "shoe" or "shoes".

This allows you to effectively find your ideal stores with much higher accuracy than the industry filter, but it does however require you to be more knowledgeable about your industry, and know which words are used by your industry of choice.

Why you should not use both filters together?

Due to the overlapping nature of the Industry filter, using both Keyword Search and Industry filter together ends up making the search results narrower - leading to a lowered number of search results.

Using both filters together translates to - you are looking for stores using a certain keyword, that are in the industry you have chosen.

While only using the AI Keyword Search Filter translates to - you are looking for all stores using that specific keyword in the entirety of BrandNav's database.

Things to know about AI Keyword Search

Lastly, here are some takeaways for you at the end. 👇

  1. AI Keyword search is not case-sensitive. Hence, entering "Shoes", "shoes", or "SHOES" will lead to the same results.
  2. AI Keyword search is smart and will auto-convert your words between singular and plural forms. So "shoe" and "shoes" will give you the same results, and so will "mattress" and "mattresses", or "shelf" and "shelves".
  3. You can use synonyms of your keywords to get the maximum results, and the more keywords you enter the more results you will get.
  4. AI Keyword Search processes each keyword individually and then combines their results. As a result of this, the more keywords you use will lead to more processing and hence a delay in fetching your results.
  5. AI Keyword Search is still in its Beta and will be massively improved in future updates. Expect more stores to be indexed, faster processing, and also auto synonym suggestions.
  6. It is recommended to either use the Industry Filter or the AI Keyword Search when making a search, depending on your use case.

That'll be all for today folks!

Happy prospecting! 🎉