Cold Email Personalisation, Leveraging Social Proof and Creating Irrestible Offer

07 October 2022 | by Bishal Bhatt

Harmozi’s Book “$100M offers” was one of the most influential books in generalizing the idea that your offer is one of the most important parts of your pitch.

Today as we speak, this belief is so widespread that no matter which Facebook Group you tune into, you’ll find tons of people talking about their offer & it still is one of the most discussed topics in every Cold Email Community.

For me, I find it irritating. There is so much to Cold Emails, that your offer is just a small part of that.

What Harmozi’s book did, is created an assumption in the mind of every new lead generation rookie, that the only way to succeed in Cold Emails, is to have a really really good offer. And I am here to tell you that it’s only half the truth - or rather one-third of the truth.

Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight - I have no opposition to the idea that a good offer will bring you more conversions than a bad offer, provided all the other variables in the controlled experiment remain constant.

But the bigger question is, is it that necessary to have a good offer that you spend your entire time scratching your head trying to figure out the best one, & completely leave out the rest of the important bits?

Let’s dive deeper.

In terms of prospecting - when you pitch your prospect a solution, they differentiate it from other pitches, trying to sell them the same services, in these 3 aspects:

1: Personalization

2: Social Proof

3: Offer

Let’s talk about each of these aspects one by one.

#1 Personalization

Personalization should be the first section of your email. The goal of adding personalization to your emails is to hook your prospect into reading the rest of your email + making them feel special.

In the countless sales calls that I have been a part of and the countless clients, I have worked with, I can tell you one thing -

No matter who the founder was, how big their company was, which country they belonged to, what languages they speak, or what their industry was, they all believed one thing - their business is unique in one way or the other.

Complementing people on their business/products is literally a hack to get you into their minds.

This is called confirmation bias. People tend to favor information that confirms or strengthens their beliefs or values. That immediately brings you into their “cult” & makes you their brethren & voila! You just made them interested in your email.

That’s what we did for our Ecom Personalization tool - EcomLines.

EcomLines has been very specifically designed to write non-offensive, unisex, human-like, compliments on products that your prospect is selling - making it one of the most useful tools in your Cold Email Personalization arsenal.

(If you’re in the Ecom Niche & wanna give it a try click this link to get 25 free credits.)

#2 Social Proof.

After personalization, we will add some social proof.

Imagine you as an Ecom Store Owner & getting hit by lots of cold emails. Everyone pitching you the same thing over & over again. Now the only difference between you & them is how credible you look to them.

As soon as they see your email, their mind is gonna be throwing them red alerts. “Is this a scam? This guy is definitely trying to trick me! Urgh… Why do I get so many people emailing me the same thing over and over again?!”

Your case study statement in your messaging & your website, hence is what is gonna prove your credibility.

What it does is, It shows your prospects, that other people in their industry trusted you & your services/product worked for them. This makes it much easier for them to trust you & believe that you can provide the same value to them as well - in short, it just eases the resistance in their head.

#3 Offer

And now finally comes - your Offer.

A good offer (that can be easily explained) is made of these 4 subsets:

​1: Guarantee

2: Pay after results

3: Pay as you go

4: Free

​No no-brainer offer will fall beyond this set and if it does - it’s too complex to understand in a cold email or DM and should be avoided at all costs. They will work against you rather than work for you.

And that’s it! There is nothing else for your offer. No A/B testing, no posting on your favorite Facebook Group, no spending more than 30% of your time figuring out your offer.

Now, let’s circle back to what I initially said - “People focus way too much on their offer”

Think of it this way. In any niche/industry, there is a standard rate, that is considered to be acceptable & is deliverable by most. Sure, there are outliers that will go beyond the rate based on the immense social proof & proof of work they carry with them.

But most offers will be within that range and so will yours. So no matter how you put it, there is a limited and small number of permutations/combinations for you to try. Pitch a higher price, and you will struggle with closing (unless you have the proofs), pitch lower than that, and you will not make enough.

And when you send enough of these cold emails, work with multiple clients and industries, try all possible variations, permutations, & combinations, as I have - what you will realize is almost everyone else is pitching the same or seemingly indistinguishable offer like yours.

​In short, there is nothing special about you or your offer no matter how hard you try.

Let me walk you through my offer testing email sequence. It’s very simple, and if you have been following along with everything I have said so far, it is all you ever need.

These are the only 3 types of offers I test in all my cold email sequences.

1: No-brainer offer - An offer where you don’t take any startup fee (not recommended).

2: Win-win offer - An offer where you have a startup fee & beyond it, it's pay as you go.

3: No offer - Self-explanatory. There is no offer.

You need to test all of them to reach a conclusion.

Here is my experience so far -

1: If your niche is less competitive - all three of them work the same way. So use “No Offer” emails where you don’t have to give any commitment.

2: If your niche is competitive, you have to use offers 1 & 2. I would say move away from any competitive niche if you don’t have any expertise in that.

Now, most people won’t agree with me. They’ll say “I don’t use personalization, and I still get positive replies”.

I ask them this - “What made you think your results are the best in the industry & can’t be improved?”.

These three foundations ( Personalization, Social Proof & Offer) contribute altogether to your success if you are not using all 3 of them collectively, you are just leaving money on the table and are more than likely burning through your leads.