5 Big Takeaways From Sending 300K Cold Emails

07 October 2022 | by Bishal Bhatt

Over the past 2 years, my cold emails have generated millions of dollars in revenue.

Cold emailing has been the biggest growth lever of everything I do.

These are the 5 laws I live by—which I encourage you to hang up on your wall.

1. Shorter subject lines

Your cold email subject line shouldn't be too long. 

Example: Question/Quick Question  - {first name}.

If you say something like ‘quick question,’ that tells them this is something they can tackle very quickly. Why not open this message first?

2. Personalization

Always start your cold emails with personalized first lines. Our cold email first lines always need to be a personalized compliment line, simply because they act as the best hook and force your cold email prospect to continue reading. The goal of the first line is to make them read the second line & the goal of the second line is to make them read the third and so on. 

3. Explain like they are 5

Reading paragraphs is hard. To make sure your cold email has a easy readability always try to keep your copy grade level below 7 (use Hemingway editor). Anything above that is simply going to be too difficult for the prospect to read. 

4. When you finish your first draft, reword/remove these words.  👇

5. Using soft Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

Upon analyzing a batch of 10K cold emails we’ve sent, specifically looking at their call-to-action (CTA) we found soft CTAs to be the most effective CTAs.

 Here are some of them: